photothis deep sky sea  

these deep currents
well up
the way below

roiling riding
your waves your curls your shores
your sea our sea this deep sky sea

first rays

first rays
new fresh green
on the pond
in the stream



in the wind     

the temples are far away now
the caves too
in the wind

went in the wind
caressing the earth
with bare feet

seeking knowing
undergoing such stints
in sacred spaces

in the wind
all in the wind

so many lovers
such wonderful secret smiles
skin shining so soft beyond velvet

so many memories
touching feeling each taste
as if yesterday as if last night

in the wind
all in the wind

i’ve lived my life in the wind
went in the wind so young
these years going in the wind too

Himalayas Sierras Appalachians
behind now looking out from
my fourth floor one room walk up

above a noodle factory
backstreet Kyoto canal below
such brief shining beauty

this riot of cherry blossoms
for the heart the eyes the spirit
before rains and wind take them

take all
our white hairs
our longing skin too

in the wind
all in the wind