Winning entry –  ’The Joys of Silence and Bewilderment’ by Jane Kramer, American living in California
(Posting on 3 websites, inclusion in WiK Anthology, Kyoto craft)

Runner up – ‘Yamaguchi san’ by Florentyna Leow, Malaysian living in Kyoto
(Posting on WiK website, Kyoto craft, and also winner of local prize, free meal at Tadg’s.}

Runner up  – ‘Palm-in-the–Hand Story: The Blue General’ by Mark Cody Poulton, Canadian living in Victoria, Canada
(Posting on WiK website, Kyoto craft)

Student prize – Poem: ‘I don’t want you to go’ by Pwin Tana, Thai student at Kyoto University
(Kyoto craft, craft experience offer, free fish and chips with drink at Gnome)


Offers of craft experience workshops to local entries

– ‘As Ordered’ by Stephanie Juul, American

– ‘Chinese Zodiac Haiku Cycle’ by Marianne Kimura

– ‘Four Seasons at Shoukoku-ji Temple’ by Hisako Kutsuki

– ‘The Almost Invisible City of Kyoto’ by Ken Rodgers

– ‘The end of the eel’ by Kiyoko Ozawa

– ‘Yamaguchi san’ by Florentyna Leow