WiK was able to showcase its talent at a Poetry and Improv event held Sunday, June 6 at the Gnome Irish Pub. On display were five of our best poets, including Frost scholar Mark Richardson, WiK Competition winner Mayumi Kawaharada, poet-photographer James Woodham, the poems of A.J. Dickinson, and a tribute reading of Edith Shiffert’s poetry by John Einarsen. Plus a bonus ‘Fireflies’ poem by Ken Rodgers at the end.  The poetry was interspersed with improvised musical interludes by Preston Keido Houser on shakuhachi and Gary Tegler on saxophone.  A superlative evening full of magical moments. You could say the poets hit the right note, while the musicians took it to a different level. (iphone pics by John D., poems by Preston Keido Houser)



Why in the world
is why
in the world?
Why not not?

Just so because no.




The island of smart is out there
visible on the horizon,
Accessible, but one must swim
across a sea of stupid.

Alas, most drown on the way.