A.J. in good spirits, mind fully engaged, legs occasionally AWOL

over time monk


with the stick
for back pay
this sitting life
the bowels clear
brings satisfaction
immovable quiet cheer
over time
must drink & eat again
sate then deflate

then just fall in

sitting is

as sitting does
union too
this breath
not separate
forever never
white hair
white clouds
blue sky
timeless faceless
mountains seas
planets quarks
atoms galaxies

waking up deep

in the unseparate dark

under this sky-skin

i breath the fresh crisp air

taste the flex of light

feel the uncoiling stretch of sinews

the growing reaching branches limbs

singing life

budding life

sitting breathing

stretching stillness

this wondrous delight



yours, ours, embracing, walking
the quarky mountains
resounding valleys streams
of our beings so vast so tiny
this moving flowing heart mind

the freshness inside
snow line flowers
waterfalls of light
the dust of civilizations
stars eons lava ice sparkling life

so briefly joined in space
under ever changing skins, aging agelessness
each particulate every wave temporary
passing through, birthing, together, untogether
dark bright interconnected being

a momentary comet a firefly a spark yet we breathe
such feelings such perceptions such changings
such distance such immediacy such interconnections
so much in each breath, breathing breathing us
such great grace we are this is