Following last year’s successful anthology (produced largely by Eric Johnston), WiK is again this year embarking on an Anthology project. This is open to members only. The three editors are Amy Chavez, Mark Richardson and myself. In addition we have a vetting committee of two anonymous readers, who will ensure a level of quality control.

The purpose of the Anthology is to provide a showcase of members’ writing, so we’re looking for pieces that stand out.  To this end we are not concerned if the piece has already been published, as we would like it to be representative of the author’s best work. All being well, we will produce a Lulu book before the end of this year, so that it can be bought online and offered as Xmas presents.

The deadline is 9/9 but we are asking members to put in their submissions as soon as possible.  These can be up to 3000 words in length, though that is a maximum and we would prefer shorter pieces. Poetry is particularly welcome.
We already have four accepted submissions, plus one that is currently being vetted by our anonymous judges. In addition we have in hand our WiK Competition winning entries, which will be joined by pieces from our three Anthology editors. So at this stage things are looking promising.

If you are a member, please submit your piece as soon as possible to myself or any of the editorial committee. Should rewriting be required, there will be little time once the deadline is passed.