Writers in Kyoto will hold a year-end party to celebrate the launch of this year’s Anthology at Cafe Maaru on Dec 17, 6.00-9.00. Hopefully we’ll have copies of the book available to purchase. It’s an open event at which many of the 17 contributors will be in attendance (those who live in or near Kyoto at least – we’ll excuse our overseas members!).


About Writers in Kyoto

Preface (Alex Kerr)

Three Poems (A.J. Dickinson)

On Childraising in Japan: Expanding into Interdependence (Karen Lee Tawarayama)

Dateline: Kyoto – Western Journalism from Japan’s Ancient Capital (Eric Johnston)

Poem: At Koryu-ji (Ken Rodgers)

Lafcadio Hearn and Basil Hall Chamberlain (Joseph Cronin)

Hearn, Myself and Japan (John Dougill)

Haiku Cycle (Mayumi Kawaharada)

Three Old Men of Kyoto (Alex Kerr) 

Sprawling City, Sacred Mountain (David Joiner)

Writers in Kyoto Competition: 2017 Winners
1) The Joys of Silence and Bewilderment (Jane Kramer)
            2) Palm of the Hand Story (Mark Cody)
3) Yamaguchi-san (Florentyna Leow)

Basho’s Appreciation for Women: 15 Poems of Female Experience (Jeff Robbins)

Tokonoma Lessons (Paul Carty)

Pride of Place – Saké Vessels (Robert Yellin)

Equivocal Ceramics (Allen S. Weiss)

Chieko’s Story: First Love at Daimonji (Isil Bayraktar)

Under the Light (Edward J. Taylor)

Six Poems (Mark Richardson)

Return to Goat Island (Amy Chavez)