Writers in Kyoto is a group of published and self-published English-language authors working or living in the city. It is run on a membership basis and its purpose is for writers to help each other by creating opportunities for promotion, book launches, readings, the exchange of information, and social events. We work in an informal way and are open to new ideas for projects, such as the ongoing ‘Books set in Kyoto’ feature. We are an independent group, but collaborate with Kyoto Journal and SWET (Society of Writers, Editors and Translators).

Subjects of particular interest to the membership include the current state of the market; self-publishing; e-books; marketing and promotion; amazon; local printers and publishers; speaking venues; opportunities for placing articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs, etc. In order to facilitate the exchange of information, members are eligible to join a closed Facebook group which allows access to an archive of relevant material as well as providing a space for interchange and discussion.

As an educational seat of learning with a long and proud history, Kyoto has proved attractive to many foreign writers over the years — Gary Snyder, Donald Keene, Alex Kerr and, in nearby Nara, Pico Iyer. This is not to mention the long line of illustrious Japanese poets and novelists who have found the city conducive to writing. One thinks for example of the world’s oldest novel, The Tale of Genji, the ‘follow-your-pen’ brilliance of Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book as well as collections of poetry such as Kokinshu (Collection of Old and New) and Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets).  It is a tradition that Writers in Kyoto treasures and seeks to uphold.

Anyone wanting to make enquiries, add comments or become a member is welcome to contact facilitator, John Dougill.  The annual membership fee of ¥3000 runs from April to March each year; it is also possible to join during the year for a reduced fee (please contact us). Benefits include the following:

* Featured writer spot on the website’s top page, on a rotation basis according to membership numbers
* Books advertised on the website
* Book extracts carried in the Featured Writing category
* Eligibility for inclusion in the WiK annual Anthology
* Participation in a closed Facebook discussion group with access to archival material
* Discounted entry for WiK-sponsored events
* Participation in WiK social activities, such as get-togethers and literary dinners
* Eligible to help run WiK activities, such as the annual Competiton or Writers Circle
* WiK backing for future book launches
* Eligibility for WiK public readings

Payment of membership fee

There are three ways to pay membership. The easiest way is to attend the main annual talk in April where free entry is offered for anyone signing up for membership. (This year’s talk is April 23 at 4.00 at The Gael. For details please see website righthand column, News.)

A second way is to put ¥3000 in an envelope and send it to the financial secretary: Paul Carty, Ryukoku University, Shichijo Omiya, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8268.

The third way is to pay Y3000 by transfer to the WiK bank account. Details as follows:
Bank info: Kyoto Shinkin Bank (京都信用金庫)
Branch: 061
Acct #: 0587434
Acct Name: Writers in Kyoto / John Dougill