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Book launch: Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto

Book Launch Nov 18, 2017 Report by Andrew Sokulski Zozaya, WiK intern Saturday night a splendid celebration was held in high spirits for the book launch of John Dougill and John Einarsen’s  Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto. There were writers, artists, scholars, priests, tour guides and Kyoto Journal interns in the audience. A wonderful musical performance was held, …Read More

3rd WiK Competition (March 1 2018)

Isabella Bird on Kyoto 1878

The remarkable Isabella Bird came to Kyoto on this day nearly 140 years ago…    Her impressions of the city are all the more noteworthy given how few foreigners had ever visited the city. According to research by Eric Johnston in his article for the WiK Anthology 2017, up to 1872 only about a dozen foreigners …Read More

Hyogo vignette (Simon Rowe)

Notes from Himeji, Hyogo: I am a Passenger by Simon Rowe What do commuters think about on their long rides to and from the mills each day? I bet they don’t think about how lucky they are that the wheel was invented. I was a commuter once—a nameless man in a salt-stained suit and headphones. …Read More

The Hamlet Paradigm (Kimura)

Marianne Kimura is a Shakespearean scholar teaching at a university in Kyoto, and her papers on Shakespeare have proved popular on the website academic.com. She also writes imaginative fiction based on Shakespearean themes, integrating ghostly or SF elements as can be seen in the excerpt below from her second novel, The Hamlet Paradigm, published under the pseudonym of …Read More

WiK Anthology party (Dec 17)

Writers in Kyoto will hold a year-end party to celebrate the launch of this year’s Anthology at Cafe Maaru on Dec 17, 6.00-9.00. Hopefully we’ll have copies of the book available to purchase. It’s an open event at which many of the 17 contributors will be in attendance (those who live in or near Kyoto at least – we’ll excuse …Read More

Book launch (Nov 18): “Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto”

Writers in Kyoto is proud to present a new publication by two of its members, John Dougill and John Einarsen. This is an updating of John E’s earlier bilingual work, ‘Zen and Kyoto’. The new book, titled by Tuttle, ‘Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto’, is a richly illustrated book with over 100 colour photos. …Read More

The Life and Death of Chine (Robbins)

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF CHINE Selection, Translations and Commentary by Jeff Robbins Assisted by Sakata Shoko   Words of Basho, Kyorai, and Chine in bold to stand out In this article we meet Kyorai, the second son of a doctor of Chinese medicine in Kyoto, born in 1651, and his fascinating yet retiring nine-year …Read More

Teddy and Daruma (Weiss)

“Teddy and Daruma” by Allen S. Weiss Like the shaman from his cave, Teddy (yes, Teddy, my teddy bear!) finally emerged, resurrected after a hibernation of forty years, with what particular wisdom I cannot say. I have no idea if Teddy is an adept of Zen, but I am sure that the roly-poly Daruma who …Read More

Interview with Yoppy (Tawarayama)

Karen Lee Tawaryama has been interviewing Kyoto people on her blog, Kyoto Faces. In her latest piece she writes of the non-verbal long-running performance called GEAR, which in 2015 was voted on TripAdvisor one of the city’s best attractions!  In the interview below, she questions Yoppy, one of the dance performers about the show and …Read More

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