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Poems & Photos (James Woodham)

A collection of poetic images by James Woodham.  (For an earlier posting of James’s rendering of Lake Biwa in poetry and photography, please see here.) ****** papers on the desk blown by the wind that blows leaves on the hillside now ****** Plato’s ideas – discussion suddenly stopped by windborn blossoms ****** the baby mantis, …Read More

Sake Vessels (Robert Yellin)

‘Pride of Place—Sake Vessels’ by Robert Yellin Drinking sake in Japan is an art when done with the right vessels. The history of sake vessels—collectively called shuki in Japanese—dates back millenniums and the variety of shuki found throughout Japan is as varied as there are clouds in the sky. For me, collecting shuki was my …Read More

KJ update (Ken Rodgers)

A Kyoto Journal Update, Summer 2017 From Ken Rodgers, KJ managing editor Now celebrating its 30th year, Kyoto Journal is about to return to print with KJ 89, after a sojourn of 13 diverse issues in the not-quite-parallel universe of digital format. With this issue we will shift from quarterly to biannual publication, supported by …Read More

A medieval mystery

IT HAPPENED SOMEWHAT LIKE THIS by Akihito, Zen Monk. The following is written in a document by a little known monk, and housed in a sub-temple of Daitoku-ji. In 1260 there was a small murder in Minami Katada, Chugoku. Early the next morning, after receiving some advice, Tsutaro left in an easterly direction. Traveling only at …Read More

Reviving an Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage (Chavez)

Reviving an Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage Amy Chavez A pilgrimage is a magical world brimming with history, beauty and solitude. Shingon Buddhism goes even further by presenting pilgrimage as a mandala, a type of map to the cosmos. These circular routes act as vehicles to enlightenment. There are myriad personal reasons for going on pilgrimage, all …Read More

Karen Tawarayama’s blog

WiK Competition Organiser Karen Tawarayama runs a blog which investigates the lives of ordinary Kyoto people.  The following interview is extracted from a longer piece which can be found here.  There are now six illustrated pieces altogether on her blog, which looks sure to grow into a rather special resource about the life of people in the ‘real Kyoto’ rather …Read More

Poetry and improv

WiK was able to showcase its talent at a Poetry and Improv event held Sunday, June 6 at the Gnome Irish Pub. On display were five of our best poets, including Frost scholar Mark Richardson, WiK Competition winner Mayumi Kawaharada, poet-photographer James Woodham, the poems of A.J. Dickinson, and a tribute reading of Edith Shiffert’s …Read More

Three pomes by A.J.

over time monk striking with the stick for back pay this sitting life the bowels clear brings satisfaction immovable quiet cheer over time must drink & eat again sate then deflate then just fall in sitting is as sitting does standing walking sleeping union too this breath not separate forever never white hair white clouds blue …Read More

Kyoto and food

Kyoto: The City of Hungry Gods (by John F. Ashburne) October 12, 2016 Kyoto: The City of Hungry Gods John Ashburne, Food Writer for Louis Vuitton City Guide Kyoto introduces the wonderful food culture of Japan’s ancient Imperial capital   It was born, wrote the old Poets, as the city of celestial spirits, where temples …Read More

Japan Times anniversary speech (Eric Johnston)

At the recent party to celebrate the 120th anniversary of The Japan Times (see here), the host and main speaker was Eric Johnston whose speech was dubbed the highlight of a glittering evening.  Here by popular demand is the talk he delivered, and our great thanks to him for supplying this fine piece of rhetoric. …Read More

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