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Kyoto poems in Japanese

Our attention has been drawn to a useful resource in Japanese of poetry about Kyoto. It’s part of an extensive website called Japan Note, covering various aspects of history and culture as can be seen on its home page. For 20 waka poems in Japanese about Kyoto, click here. For 30 different tanka in Japanese …Read More

Book launch: Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto

Book Launch Nov 18, 2017 Report by Andrew Sokulski Zozaya, WiK intern Saturday night a splendid celebration was held in high spirits for the book launch of John Dougill and John Einarsen’s  Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto. There were writers, artists, scholars, priests, tour guides and Kyoto Journal interns in the audience. A wonderful musical performance was held, …Read More

Another Kyoto book review

‘Another Kyoto’: Alex Kerr’s roving thoughts on Kyoto as it stands today by Stephen Mansfield.  Special To The Japan Times. May 20, 2017.  It appears that when the Japanologist Alex Kerr was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, his tutors despaired at his unorthodox use of his time there, with one particularly testy don complaining, “He …Read More

Dinner with Norman Waddell

NORMAN WADDELL born in Washington, D.C. in 1940, was attracted to Japan by the works of the legendary D.T. Suzuki and his protégée R. H. Blyth, taught at Otani University for over thirty years, and was editor of the Eastern Buddhist Journal for several decades. He has published more than a dozen books on Japanese Zen …Read More

Kyoto: An Urban History

Kyoto: An Urban History of Japan’s Premodern Capital by Matthew Stavros  (University of Hawaii Press, 2015) Book review by Paul Carty, WiK member.  This first appeared in the Kyoto Journal. ************** Kyoto is one of the great centers of culture in the world. We can find many traces of its long history as we explore …Read More

Dancing over Kyoto

One of the senior members of Writers in Kyoto announced last year that they would no longer be buying or reading self-published books on the grounds that the lack of quality control meant that it wasn’t worth the investment in terms of time.  There were too many typos, too much self-indulgence, and too much quantity …Read More

Kyoto Unhurried

All it took was three days in Kyoto. A short holiday in the city was enough to convince writer Janice Tay to give up a settled life in Singapore and move to the heart of old Japan. A decade later, she is still here. From 2007 to 2013, she contributed a fortnightly column on Japanese …Read More

Kyoto vs. Home (Basho by Jeff Robbins)

Living in Kyoto vs. Returning Home: Four Basho Linked Verses of Humanity Translations and commentary by Jeff Robbins Assisted by Sakata Shoko Basho’s well-known haiku offer us transcendental visions of nature usually with no human being in the scene — however beyond these nature poems is another, far most vast world: that of his renku …Read More

Kawabata’s Old Capital (Koto)

The Japan Times carries a short review today of Kawabata’s ‘Koto’, a short novel set in Kyoto that is as much about the city as it is about the twins at the heart of the story.  (The original review can be read here.) ******************* by Nicolas Gattig  Special To The Japan Times   Mar 19, 2016 …Read More

A listing of Kyoto books in English

Books set in Kyoto start with the classics… Murasaki Shikibu – The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari) (c.1000-21) Sei Shonagon – The Pillow Book (Makura no Sōshi) (1002) Kamo no Chomei – An Account of a Ten Foot Square Hut (Hojoki) (1212) anon – Ōkagami (the Great Mirror) date unknown anon – The Tales of the Heike (Heike Monogatari) mid-13th …Read More

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