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A listing of Kyoto books in English

Books set in Kyoto start with the classics… Murasaki Shikibu – The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari) (c.1000-21) Sei Shonagon – The Pillow Book (Makura no Sōshi) (1002) Kamo no Chomei – An Account of a Ten Foot Square Hut (Hojoki) (1212) anon – Ōkagami (the Great Mirror) date unknown anon – The Tales of the Heike (Heike Monogatari) mid-13th …Read More

Quotations about writing

Timeless advice on writing from famous authors Created by Maria Popova (www.brainpickings.org) on Jun 18 2012. Marilynne Robinson: “Beauty,” Writing, What Storytelling Can Learn from Science, and the Splendors of Uncertainty “We are part of a mystery, a splendid mystery within which we must attempt to orient ourselves if we are to have a sense of …Read More

Walking and Writing

WALKING AND WRITING (John Dougill) At the end of March 2015,  I attended a stimulating conference on Coleridge and Contemplation at Notre Dame University. A couple of the sessions were of particular relevance to a theme that has long intrigued me – the connection of writing and creativity. When doing my PhD, I was amazed …Read More

Haruki Murakami, when asked recently about what advice he would give to an aspiring writer had an interesting take on the matter.  “The act of writing is the same as sweet-talking a woman, in that you can get better, to an extent, with practice. Fundamentally, though, your abilities are determined by the talents you’ve been born with. Well, anyway, do your best.” (See the full article for more.)  

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