An old well left

In an empty land—

A cherry petal drops into it.


Desolate lands,

Beaten by the rain––

A dayflower blooms


Construction noise

Echoing in the rain—

A machiya screams


A Cicada’s voice

Lost in the noise–

Demolishing another machiya


The cicadas’ call and respond

To the rhythms of a backhoe––

Kyoto, bound in choir, 2016


All the rattle and crash in Kyoto

Covered by sudden snow–

Christmas night


A cherry tree in bloom

Welcomes the breeze––

An empty elementary school


Trace the Samurai’s footsteps

Across the asphalt jungle—

The heat shimmers in mirage


A parking lot

Where a Samurai’s house stood…

Autumn rain


A Shinto shrine lay

Among the skyscrapers —

Golden Gingko valley


The Buddha keeps watch

Over the urban hustle and bustle––

Snowed rooftop temple


Twelve-storied condos

Spout up across the city—

Urban bamboo shoots


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